Glossary T

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Tahini (tah-HEE-nee): A thick, smooth paste made of ground sesame seeds. A staple of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Tamari (tuh-MAH-ree): A naturally brewed soy sauce that contains no sugar. Available wheat-free.

Tandoori: A style of cooking from India based on the use of round-topped tandoor ovens made of brick and clay. Food is baked over direct heat produced by a smoky fire.

Tempeh (TEHM-pay): High protein, cultured food made from soybeans and sometimes grains.

Terrine: a French word denoting both a mold that food is packed into for shaping before being un-molded and served, and the molded food itself after being turned out for serving.

Textured vegetable protein: A fibrous-textured soy product that resembles meat. Available in granules (mince) or chunks.

Tofu (TOH-foo): White, easily digestible curd made from cooked soybeans and sometimes grains. High in protein. Comes in Japanese-style silken tofu in 10 1/2 oz. shelf-stable aseptic packages or Chinese-style in 12-, 14- and 16-oz. water-packed tubs in the refrigerated section of markets. Tofu comes in soft, firm and extra-firm styles as well as fat-reduced.

Turbinado sugar: Made from the first crystallization of cane juice, retaining some of the molasses, which accounts for its golden-brown color. It is best used for general baking needs.

Turmeric (TER-muh-rihk): The ground root of a plant related to ginger. It has a bitter, pungent flavor and an intense yellow orange color. It is used in curries and is what gives American mustard its bright yellow color.